Babysitting service

We offer babysitting services to parents in London and the Essex Area. There is no legal definition of babysitting but it normally covers the temporary care of a child or children, typically in an evening when the parents have a social engagement.
It is recommended that a Babysitter should be 16 years of age and above. A babysitter below the age of 16 cannot be charged with neglect or ill treatment of children in their care.

We tend to use regular babysitters who are reliable and well known to us. We have a wide range of babysitters who give babysitting service to our clients, We can find you a babysitter who you can use on a regular basis when you need to, and who will regularly work with you and your family. This ensures stability and security for the children. And if your regular babysitter is not available when you require one, be rest assured that we will send a replacement/cover

We have vetted and interviewed all the babysitters who we use for our babysitting service, to give you piece of mind when leaving your children for the first time with our babysitters.

To find out more about our babysitting service or to book a babysitter, please contact the office as above.

Interviewing for a babysitter
If you decide to find your own babysitter yourself, here are some useful tips for interviewing babysitters:

• Have you had any other babysitting jobs before? If so, how old were the children and over what period of time (and/or how often) did you babysit for them?

• Have you completed any babysitter training, first aid, or childcare qualification courses?

• What do you do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies or other jobs?

• How do your parents feel about your babysitting jobs?

• What do you like best about babysitting and being with kids? What do you like least?

• What is the most difficult situation you have encountered whilst babysitting children? And how did you handle it?