Our Services

We offer a recruitment service for both permanent and short-term assignments and we also provide a range of additional services including Consultancy, should clients require advice or guidance on solving staffing problems,

We also operate an exclusive Members’ service, suitable for the client with complex staffing needs and the need for a very personal service.

Using well tested procedures, our team of trained Consultants ensures that all parties’ expectations are met. We always aim to give a professional service and build a supportive relationship with our clients. We maintain a full confidentiality policy at all times.
All candidates are interviewed, with careful observance of their skills, experience, reliability, aspirations and track record. We obtain references and only the best candidates are selected.

How do we source our candidates?
The majority of our candidates register through recommendations and also because of our reputation of listening to candidates’ needs. We continually advertise in the press and on suitable websites which also attracts many new applicants. We will also undertake customised advertising for Clients with specific needs. Once a client registers a position, we can, with their permission, post the position discreetly on our own website.
Once suitable candidates are identified, we send you their profile/CV for you to have a look and arrange an interview with at least two candidates, and when you have decided on who to employ, an offer letter will be sent to the candidate (you are welcome to use our offer letter template).